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  • Web site change detection

    Wobserver.com monitors web site changes. No need to regularly visit websites. Let wobserver.com do the job for you. Changes are communicated via email or RSS feeds.
  • change threshold

    Change threshold

    Fine tuning of monitoring job is possible through setting alert threshold. After exceeding a number of changed words or a relative portion of the page, an alert is sent.
  • Arrangement of changes in RSS feed

    Clearly arranged visualization of changes in emails and RSS feeds

    Emails and RSS feeds visually show which parts of the web page are new, changed or removed.
  • Graphs

    Change graph

    Changes over time can be viewed in graph. Graph deliver an overview of the change activity of a certain page.
  • Change frequency

    Monitoring frequency

    The frequency in which wobserver.com visits sites can be set to hours, days, weeks and months.
  • area detection

    Area Detection

    The monitoring area on a web page can be configured to only focus on a specific part of the page in order to leave out ads and unimportant parts.
  • Grouping of monitoring tasks


    Monitor jobs can be into allocated into groups to allow a quicker navigation when dealing with a large number of jobs.
  • error reporting

    Error reporting

    When a webpage can not be contacted or if other errors occur, the user is informed. If not required, error reporting can be disabled per monitoring task.
  • Firefox Addon

    Firefox Addon

    Wobserver.com provides a Firefox addon to quickly add new monitoring jobs while browsing the web.
  • Google Chrome™ Extension

    Google Chrome™ Extension

    Wobserver.com provides a Google Chrome™ extension to quickly add new monitoring jobs while browsing the web.
  • Activity logs

    Activity logs help to keep focus on what is going on in your jobs.
  • RSS feeds

    RSS Feeds

    Activity logs can be subscribed to via RSS feeds: Full feed, group feed and single job feed.
  • keyword detection

    Keyword detection

    Keywords on a page can be detected.
  • follow changed links

    Following changed links

    Wobserver.com can has got the unique feature of following changing links on a web site. This allow monitoring of pages even when their urls are changing.
  • immediate launch

    Immediate launch of jobs

    Even when jobs are set to monitoring once a month only, jobs can always be launched immediately when the use is logged in at wobserver.com.
  • limited monitoring time

    Limited monitoring time period

    Set monitoring job active for limited time period.
  • webmaster tools

    Webmaster Tools

    Wobserver.com offers webmaster tools to allow webmaster to embed wobserver.com monitoring of their pages via links and images.